My DEXA Scan

Happy Friday!  I’m so excited to have the weekend off so I can attend the Michigan-Minnesota football game tomorrow.  Big Ten games are here!  GO BLUE!

I took a little break from football prep yesterday to undergo a total-body DEXA scan for my clinical nutrition class. DEXA stands for dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry, and it is a large machine that quickly scans your body using an energy beam and emits a very low level of radiation.  The amount of energy lost throughout the scan is measured, and this is used to determine a person’s bone mineral density and fat and boneless lean tissue.  Here’s the DEXA machine I hung out it in.

DEXA machines are very expensive, so they are usually used specifically for research purposes.  The DEXA technician was so gracious to take time out of her schedule to perform a scan on me and each of my classmates.

I wasn’t really sure what to expect for the total-body scan, but I basically just relaxed on the bed section of the machine.  The scanner made a loud grinding noise and then traveled over my body, from my head down to my feet.  The whole process took about six minutes, and then the technician performed additional scans to measure the specific bone densities of my spine and each of my femurs.  All of my bone densities are normal, and it was no surprise that my biggest fat stores are in the booty. 🙂 I even got to keep several handouts of my results.  My skeleton is pretty cute!

I’m starting to hear whispers of mid-terms and huge projects, but for now I’m just ready to enjoy the weekend.  I hope you have a great one…GO BLUE!

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2 Responses to My DEXA Scan

  1. I have always wondered what a DEXA scan would be like. I bet that was really cool to see!

  2. Kiah says:

    I’m so jealous y’all have a DEXA! My department is hankering for one, but since they’re so expensive AND you need a technician they’re meeting a lot of resistance from the higher-ups.

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